Saturday, March 01, 2003

Thanks to Nelson for poniting to this article. More than worth a clickthrough.

This is a WMD animal protection device recently developed in Israel. It is said to have been successfully tested - whatever that means. It comes in two sizes, and should already be available for mass retail. I am sure the PETA folks will love it. Not that I care.
There is only one small problem I see with this. I am not going to elaborate, but it is the same one I see with a sealed room. (Via Maariv).

Thursday, February 27, 2003

Imshin has asked a very important question: Excuse my ignorance, why is it more convenient to floss in front of the television? I floss in the bathroom. Why does anyone else have to watch this? We are talking about teeth aren't we?
Finally, an important discussion. Allow me to explain. First, of course we are talking about teeth. What other kind of flossing is there? Oh, never mind - I might be sorry I asked. Anyway, I take my flossing very seriously, so it would be way too much time to spend in the bathroom to allow for a flossing thorough enough for my standards. I mean, I like myself and the way I look, but there is a limit to the amount of time I can look in the mirror. I also think I look better than Greta (even while flossing), but I just cannot floss and tell myself the news at the same time, let alone to interview other people. And, no worry: no one else is watching this. My son is in bed, and my husband is the kind of person who does not even know there are other people around him when the TV is on. (My son seems to have inherited this trait, BTW). I mean, last night I was forced to watch Rather's interview with Saddam - all because of my obsessive flossing and my husband's obsessive TV watching.

Speaking of which, what a waste of my time, and a perfectly good show like "60 minutes II" with all it's resources. Should have stayed with the laptop. I completely share the feelings of the White House (a house has feelings?) about this interview, but I also think they should have kept these feelings to themselves. Some things best left ignored.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

So I switch from Greta to Brian tonight, just for a change, and find myself treated as an idiot. I am being told that sure, WWII has jump-started the economy, but don't you count on this happening this time around. And what am I offered to support this theory? A list of possible costs of the war in Iraq, the uncertainty about the possible lenght of the war and its success, and the lenght of the possible ocuppation of Iraq by the US. As if WWII did not cost a lot of money, and as if anyone knew how long it will take, and as if the US did not ocuppy Germany and Japan for almost 50 years. In fact, prior to WWII the economy not only was much worse than it is now, but it was in the worst recession in American history. And the costs of war were so high, that there was a shortage of basic consumer products. I seriously doubt that women will have to paint stockings on their legs this time around.

I am also being reminded of the rising gasoline prices. Well, thank you for reminding me. But why don't you also remind the viewers that those prices are likely to drop after we take control over Iraqi oil fields?

So I am stuck with Fox. Oh, well, the only reason I still watch the news is because it is more convinient to floss in front of a TV set, rather than a laptop.
Sorry for very light blogging: busy and tired...
Carnival of the Vanities is up at Kesher Talk with 27(!) entries. And this time it is only one entry each. Go check them out. Judith is the hostess - I am sure you can get a beer or something...

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Hey, what do you know! Ilana has found a way to send Saddam a gift!
If you love Russian poetry, this is a treasure. Thanks to Cind.
The Frog is back with a renewed appreciation for the performing arts!

Monday, February 24, 2003

I hate airing Israel's dirty laundry in public, so I ask my gentile readers to please not click here. All you need to know is that SHAS is out, MAFDAL and Shinui are in, and that SHAS spiritual leader rabbi Ovadia Yossef strongly reminds me of some spiritual leaders in some countries with which we are at war. Not a good company to be in. Some earlier thoughts on the subject here.

For my Jewish readers: Haaretz report is incomlete, in that it fails to mention the Hebrew word "sheretz" (critter?) the rabbi used to describe Lapid. Anyway: good riddance.
Germany and France oppose a new SC resolution on Iraq. Were they not enthusiastically calling for one when the first one was passed, and before the naughty children of Eastern Europe, (not to mention grown-ups like Spain and Italy) have revolted?
What kind of a dog am I? Certainly not a Bichon. We have Lady, who is a Kerry Blue. She is a great dog, but somewhat crazy, and very loud. I am not really crazy. I can be very loud, but, unlike Lady, I bark at my family, not passers-by, birds, flying papers - anything that moves. I asked my husband this morning what kind of a dog am I. He said "a cute one". I hate being called "cute".

Speaking of dogs: yesterday we spent a couple of hours with some guys that look like this and this (Schutzhund). Pashosh was ready to take one home. I don't know.