Thursday, November 14, 2002

I am afraid that I have to say to everyone who is excited by Putin's "straight talk" the same thing I said about Netanyahu: just because a man says the right thing at the right time does not mean he can be trusted.
I have a question to everyone who objects to the transfer of Arabs from the "territories" on moral grounds: why is it that you don't find the transfer of Jews, which will occur if the settlements are to be removed, just as immoral?
Ribbiti Frog is initiating a campaign "Save the Children":


According to a report in today's Jerusalem Post, Mohammed Naefeh, a senior Fatah member believed to be the mastermind of the Kibbutz Metzer attack as well as a string of other terrorist attacks has surrended to IDF troops ...

Naifeh took over from Raed Karmi who was killed by Israeli security forces in January this year and in June received the sum of $20,000.00 directly from Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat to fund Tanzim operations. The money is believed to have come from donations given to the PA by the European Union. According to a Human Rights Watch report the European Union pays out a 5% fee attached to PA salaries which is in fact used to fund Fatah terrorist operations.
The information is based on documents seized from Arafat's Mukata compound in Ramallah earlier in the year.
Naifeh himself is also believed to have been in contact with a number of EU officials who attempted to persuade Fatah officials to halt its terrorist activities against Israel.

"Attempted to persuade" is insufficient. Save the Children demands that the EU cease funding to organisations that arrange and carry out the deliberate murder of children.

Contact Chris Patten and ask what he is doing to prevent funding to child murderers.

Postal address:
Chris Patten,
European Commission
B-1049 Brussels

Telephone in Belgium:
Via the switchboard: +32/2/299 11 11

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

This is an excellent site that uses Flash to make a concise graphic presentation about the history of the Conflict. It is built and maintained privately by an Israeli couple. Originally the site was in English. Later they found volunteers who translated the content to several eruopean languages. The couple was looking for money to put these different versions online, and approached the Foreign Ministry for funds - unsuccessfully. Although I found no indication on the site, I imagine they will accept a donation, if offered.
This is an Islamic web site from Singapur.
This site lets you read the Palestine Post (1932-1950). Choose a date, then click on a headline or an ad to zoom in and read.
Today's speeches by Natenyahu and Sharon at the Likud convention clearly demonstrated the difference between the two. Netanyahu opened by paying lip service to Sharon, by using "Arik and I, I and Arik" once or twice. The rest of it was pure primary elections campaigning. He again promised to expell Arafat. I don't mind seeing him expelled, but I have no illusions as to how much difference this might make in the level of palestinian violence. Netanyahu's speech was addressed to the audience of party members. Sharon's speech was addressed to the nation. On the political level he made a point of reffereing to Bibi as an ex-PM, and mentioning Ehud Olmert, who is a mayor of Jerusalem, a Likud member and Sharon supporter. Olmert was not present at the convention over objections by Netanyahu. Sharon stressed that he will not engage in "populism" and that he will not let his decisions be influenced by the upcoming elections. There was one part of his speech that caught my attention: "We face new developments in our region [eluding to the upcoming war in Iraq]. These developments present both dangers and opportunuties for us. We will deal with the dangers, and we will take advantage of the opportunities."
Here is a good short summary in JP.

Monday, November 11, 2002

Blogging will be very light this week: I am getting my new laptop taday, and will have to transfer stuff from the old one, and get it to work wirelessly with the cable modem. I am still trying to make the old laptop wireless for Pashosh. There is nothing to eat for the rest of the week, so some cooking is in order. Should be back to normal by the weekend. Don't go too far away...
Imshin has more thoughts on torture, among other things, this time following a murder of a mother and her children in their home while reading a book. (Permalink does not work - scroll down).
Dr. Ribbity Frog has not a very nostalgic view on the Rabin (Oslo) years. I left Israel in '90, and was not following the Israeli politics for several years, so some of the things in Ribbity's post are completely new to me. They are not pretty, either, and are quite inconsistent with a somewhat idealized view I had of Rabin. You learn something new every day.

Sunday, November 10, 2002

Well, I did install the card, and managed not screw the original configuration (not yet). The icon is red, which means something is wrong, as if I cannot tell this from the fact that it is not taliking to the Access Point. Speaking of the AP, the contents of its documentation CD are different from the ones in the instruction brochure. A minor detail, really. Anyway, the thing is not working. Tomorrow I'll talk to the guy that sold it to my husband, but I don't expect much. The brand is Zonet, the model is ZEW3000. I would greatly appreciate any tips from anyone. I'll try and look up their website for more info. Luck is the key word here, Farid...